Living with advanced ovarian cancer, Samixa shares her story

31 May 2021

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Bakul: My biggest learning over the last nine years has been to value time. Every minute is precious. 


Samixa: I've never till today thought that I'm going to die of ovarian cancer. Over the years, I have had so much hope with all the new treatments that have come out, all the medical advances, that I just feel there is so much out there that I am grateful for. I just want to make sure that I carry on living the best life I can. 

Bakhul: To tell you the truth, that type of thinking is now something that I have grown to also do at the same time. We've talked quite a lot, and I think that's helped me to understand that, "Okay, whatever serious problems that come up, we'll deal with that." But let's not think about the most difficult thing even before it comes because it may not be there

Samixa: If there's one thing that I would say to Bakhul is to stop worrying about the future, to enjoy the precious moments we have together, and just to make the most of each day. 

Bakhul: One thing I would like to tell Samixa is that she's absolutely my biggest soulmate and I love her. I love her to be next to me forever. 


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