Our Research

We are the UK's ovarian cancer research charity.

Like most charities, we’ve been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. We’re facing a 50% decline in income this year alone, which will have a direct effect on the amount of research we are able to fund and therefore the number of women we can help. But with your help we can make up for lost time.

Our research projects

Ovarian Cancer Action has funded £12.3 million of research projects since we began in 2006. Our scientists at the OCA Research Centre and the University of Oxford are now working on the next generation of research that will prevent ovarian cancer, catch it early and treat it effectively.

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HHMT International Forum on Ovarian Cancer

Every four years, we bring together the world’s leading ovarian cancer experts to discuss and debate what we need to do to make ovarian cancer a survivable disease.

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What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment that turns the body’s immune system against cancer. Some types of immunotherapy are also referred to as targeted therapies.

Learn more about why we are investing in immunotherapy research.

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