Ovarian Cancer Action launches a campaign for the next generation

29 October 2019

While other cancers have achieved major breakthroughs in treatment, ovarian cancer continues to go unrecognised, underfunded, and misdiagnosed.  

Ovarian Cancer Action has launched a campaign to put the disease in the spotlight and keep it there, ensuring it gets the attention and research funding it deserves.

Featuring a cast of girls representing the next generation, ‘I will survive’ is the biggest media campaign Ovarian Cancer Action has run since it started life more than a decade ago. The film features a group of girls speaking the lyrics of the famous Gloria Gaynor anthem, showing us she is determined she will survive.

The girls’ natural optimism, spontaneity and strength are set against the plain truth that this will only happen if we take action now. Voiced by Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, who lost her own mother to ovarian cancer, and with music from singer-songwriter Birdy, the campaign aims to bring ovarian cancer the level of attention it has always deserved.

The ad has been featured on television, in numerous magazines and on billboards across the UK.  This has only been made possible through the incredible generosity of a number of individuals and organisations. You can read more about the people behind the campaign here

How you can help

There’s never been a more hopeful time to invest in ovarian cancer research. Great progress is being made each year, with personalised treatments becoming a reality and a new generation of immunotherapy treatments showing promise in early trials.

Ovarian Cancer Action is funding the next generation of research so these girls and their contemporaries will face much better prospects than their mothers, aunts and grandmothers do today. But research takes time. With more support, we can accelerate the rate of progress for women today and for the next generation.

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