"Cancer doesn't wait in line"

13 July 2020

Ovarian Cancer Action is raising awareness of ovarian cancer in shopping malls around the UK, encouraging those experiencing symptoms to visit their GP and avoid late diagnosis.

Following the success of our headline-grabbing billboard in Piccadilly Circus, we're busy raising awareness again – this time at shopping malls around the country. Since learning the devastating news in May that cancer referrals have dropped by 75% due to COVID-19, one of our priorities has been to encourage women experiencing unusual symptoms to visit their GP without delay. 

With 90% of women unaware of the disease's symptoms, and many avoiding the GP due to fears about their safety, the result is likely to be an increased number of women who face late diagnosis and poorer survival rates.

But you can help us change that. If you see one of our adverts in your local shopping centre, please take a snap, share it on social media, and be sure to tag us. Or you can download the graphics below instead and share those with the suggested captions.

Help us raise awareness of ovarian cancer

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    Don't distance yourself

    Avoiding the doctor right now could cause 35,000 more people to die from cancer. If you are experiencing ovarian cancer symptoms your doctor wants to see you. Visit ovarian.org.uk/symptoms to find out more

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    Cancer doesn't wait in line

    Stomach pain, bloating, loss of appetite and frequent weeing are all symptoms of ovarian cancer. If you're experiencing anything unusual your doctor wants to see you. Visit ovarian.org.uk/symptoms to find out more