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Women V Cancer 2018: A memory in memory

03 January 2019

Jenny Taylor RTN

Women V Cancer 2018: A memory… in memory

One day, while rushing around in my room,

my friend asked, ‘Hey do this cycle, in memory of Jeune…

...but be quick, we need to stick together on the same wave!’

I did it without a thought, no time did I save.

But I was busy, so I paid no attention to the detail

when I did, I must have gone pale!

Not only was the event in London city

oh, dear never mind, no probs, no pity.

Then there was the route, 100 kilometres!

I thought…hmm is there an easy option for cheaters?

Then yikes, it’s in the dark, at night

oh dear, I’m sure we’ll be in for a fright.

Even though in Scotland it’s always raining

we couldn’t let that stop us from getting on with the training.

Our lunchtime schedule embracement

was exercise bikes down in the basement!

Half an hour of cycling every day

the bikes in the Law Society car parking bay.

Lots of laughter, some music and chatters

but the training got done and that’s what really matters.

The money came pouring in from colleagues and friends

people’s support and kindness still never ends.

Then the day was upon us and emotions were high

a beautiful day, the sun high in sky

At night time we set off in the dark, excitement, fever pitch

but soon the weather changes like flicking a switch.

We are drenched, wet through and totally soaking

really you couldn’t believe it …no joking!

But it drove us on to keep going on through the night

even crashes of thunder and flashes of light.

Eventually clearing, but then up a steep hill

we are tired now and kind of starting to feel ill.

But whoosh, the downhill is really good fun

and out on the horizon we can now see the sun!

The end in sight we are tired and sore

but thrilled and elated to our very core.

An experience like no other that raised thousands of pounds.

Of people’s strength, kindness and generosity there is no bounds.

Money was raised for 3 women’s cancer charities, including OCA our staff charity,

and it was clear to see at this event that it also gives wonderful solidarity.

For us, we did it for Jeune, 

who was simply taken from us too soon.

Jenny Taylor