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Ovarian Cancer Action launch 'Stolen Moments' campaign

28 February 2018

Stolen Moments Ovarian Cancer Action Fiona

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and this year we have launched our Stolen Moments campaign, which aims to raise £1million to fund research into an ovarian cancer screening tool. Ovarian Cancer Action Chief Executive, Katherine Taylor, explains why this is vital if we are to create a better future for thousands of women.

"There is a frenzy of activity at OCA HQ as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month begins; new information materials being sent out, awareness talks booked, and t-shirts dispatched to the hundreds of you who will be taking part in Walk In Her Name and Box2Beat Cancer events.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is March every year and we grab this opportunity to shout even louder about ovarian cancer and what we are doing to beat it.  We all know what a devastating impact the disease can have, but now we can put a real figure on it – an average of 19 years of life lost for each woman in the UK affected by ovarian cancer. Almost two decades of missed anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and graduations. The countless hugs and cups of tea.

This is a shocking statistic but it’s one that we’re determined to change. That’s why we’ve launched our Stolen Moments campaign.  We can’t give back that time to those who have lost it, but we’re more determined than ever to catch the thief.  

We want to raise £1m to fund research to deliver a screening tool that will detect pre-cancerous cells that can be treated before they develop into ovarian cancer.  There’s no doubt that screening saves lives and we want the same success story for ovarian cancer that screening has delivered for cervical cancer.  

However, until we are able to do this, our best weapon against the disease is knowledge. We need more people to know about ovarian cancer and to understand the signs and symptoms.  We need more people to know that if you have a family history of ovarian or breast cancer you may be at risk – and that there are steps you can take to protect your health.

This OCAM, join our fight to beat ovarian cancer and put an end to the Stolen Moments." - Katherine Taylor, Ovarian Cancer Action Chief Executive

Help us raise £1million to fund research into an ovarian cancer screening tool