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My loved Grandma - a story by Isaac, aged 9

11 May 2020

Isaac drawing

What would you do if you'd invented a time machine? Isaac, aged nine, shares his adventure with us...

"What was Grandma's favourite colour, Mummy?"

"It was blue!"

I never got to meet my grandma, she died before I was born of ovarian cancer, so I ask my mummy lots of questions about her.

What my mummy didn't know was that I'd just finished the time machine I had spent hours upon hours of hard labour on.

I snuck into the giant wardrobe and got in - I pressed "go" and used it to go back in time to see her.

When she first saw me she looked really surprised to have a new guest. I used another one of my inventions that I'd made two days ago, to tell her all about me in just ten seconds.

She's really excited and proud of me when I tell her I'm one of her grandsons she never got to meet.

We had lots of fun together at the swimming pool and went down tons of slides. As she came down, she was smiling from ear to ear. As we came back home, I had an amazing idea. It was to bring her back to the present so everyone could enjoy her, and she could meet my brothers.

I used the time machine, but it had run out of energy, so I had to fill it up with fizzy pop! Grandma asked me "What on earth is going on?"

I answered, "Wait and see- it'll be really fun!"

She stepped in and the outside world changed into more modern-looking cars and buildings.

As we stepped out, Mummy came into the room and said, "Where have you been?"

"I've got a surprise for you!"

Grandma peeked out of the time machine and gasped. Mummy gaped! I said, "Say hello to your mummy!"

They hugged each other and kissed each other lots.

Everyone walked in and said, "What's all the kerfuffle about?"

My little brother asked lots of questions.

We went for a walk in the nature reserve and saw lots of cool thing like bugs.

We also climbed a few trees.

As we went back into the house, Mummy hesitated and asked "What are we going to do now? We can't just keep Grandma here because it would change the past..." Everyone thought for a while. After a long while we all went inside with no clue what should happen.

As she hugged everyone tightly, Grandma stated solemnly "I think I should go back to the time I'm from because if I stay here it'll change the past and I might not be able to look after your mummy, which could change this moment. I had an amazing day with you though and I'd really like to do it again."

She stepped into the time machine and went back to her time.

Then we all ate her favourite cream cakes, like we always do on her birthday.

All I ever wished for was to meet her- and it came true!

Isaac and his family have created a beautiful window display for the OCA rose garden, in memory of his much-loved grandma Barbara. Find out how you can add your own rose here.