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News & Blog

News & Blog

  • News

    11 June 2021

    What is the national ovarian cancer audit?

    With the UK’s ovarian cancer survival rates remaining some of the lowest in Europe, our Head of Public Affairs and Research looks at the game-changing announcement of a government-funded ovarian cancer audit, what this means for women with ovarian cancer, and how you helped us get there.

    Ovarian Cancer Action Mum and Daughter on bench.jpg
  • News

    11 June 2021

    NHS England announces national ovarian cancer audit

    NHS England have confirmed that the future of the ovarian cancer audit is secure, with the announcement that it is one of five new cancer audits to be commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP).

    NHSE Audit Announcement
  • Blog

    08 June 2021

    The Women’s Institute: voting for a resolution

    Today is the Women’s Institute (WI) Annual Meeting which marks the first day that WI’s up and down the country can vote to support the resolution: “A call to increase awareness of the subtle signs of ovarian cancer”.

    WI .png
  • Your Stories

    02 June 2021

    Gillian's ovarian cancer journey: diagnosis, treatment, and beyond

    Gillian was repeatedly misdiagnosed for 18 months, but she kept persevering until she was finally diagnosed with ovarian cancer aged 33. 

    Gillian's story (1).png
  • Blog

    25 May 2021

    Can you help shape Sarah’s BRCA film project?

    Sarah, one of the founding members of our Next Generation Women's Collective, discovered in 2019 that she carries an altered BRCA1 gene which puts her at increased risk of several types of cancer. She is passionate about raising awareness of BRCA and ovarian cancer in particular. She has big plans for a project to do just that- and she needs your help!

    Sarah Howarth 1.jpeg
  • Blog

    25 May 2021

    "When I was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer I was scared about the implications for my fertility"

    Louise Temperley was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August 2011. Ten years on, she shares her story and her journey to motherhood.

    Louise Temperley.png
  • News

    13 May 2021

    What has happened to the worlds largest ovarian cancer screening trial?

    Researchers at University College London have found that these screening approaches did not significantly reduce the chance of these women developing late stage ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, this means that these tests cannot be recommended as a screening programme for the public.

    Clear test tubes.jpg
  • Your Stories

    12 May 2021

    Remembering Anne Giess: International Nurses Day

    David lost his lovely wife Anne to ovarian cancer in 2019. Now he’s determined to raise awareness so that both women, and men, will recognise the disease.

    David Giess story.png
  • Blog

    11 May 2021

    World Ovarian Cancer Day 2021

    This World Ovarian Cancer Day, we took to Instagram with some of our amazing Ovarian Cancer Action champions to help us get the nation talking about ovarian cancer.

    Influencer Thank you blog WOCD.png
  • News

    10 May 2021

    pill niraparib
  • Your Stories

    09 May 2021

    Angela Walker: "I'm still going strong 14 years after my last chemotherapy session"

    Meet mum-of-three Angela who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2003 at the age of 46.

    Angela Walker.png
  • Blog

    06 May 2021

    Powerful together - World Ovarian Cancer Day

    This World Ovarian Cancer Day we want to cause a commotion. With one woman dying every two hours of ovarian cancer, it's time to let the world know the size of this issue - and what we're doing to change that.

  • Your Stories

    22 April 2021

    Kizzie's Step Challenge journey

    Just two weeks after she lost her mum to ovarian cancer, Kizzie decided to take part in our Walk In Her Name Step Challenge. Together with friends and family she raised whopping £3,176, reaching the top of our fundraising leader board. Now, she reflects on her experience and what it meant to her to take part. 

    Kizzie's Step Challenge Story  (1).png
  • Blog

    21 April 2021

    Bloating and ovarian cancer

    People will describe bloating in slightly different ways, but usually, it is the uncomfortable feeling of tightness or distention around the abdomen. It might be accompanied by pain or the increased need to pass wind. 

    Bloated definition.png
  • Your Stories

    12 April 2021

    Rare gene mutations - Julie's genetic testing journey

    After undergoing genetic testing, Julie discovered that she had a rare genetic mutation called RAD51D, which is linked to both breast and ovarian cancer. Equipped with this knowledge, Julie shares her story in the hope that it will help other women with rare genetic mutations.

  • Blog

    08 April 2021

    Rare genetic mutations of ovarian cancer

    Although there is lots of information available for those with a BRCA gene mutation or Lynch syndrome, there is far less information available about are rarer genetic mutations that can also increase your risk of developing ovarian cancer. Here we look at some of the lesser known gene mutations linked to the disease.

  • Your Stories

    02 April 2021

    Talya: “Genetic testing has allowed me to take control of something I’d previously had no control over."

    People of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage are ten times more likely to carry a BRCA gene mutation that heightens a person’s risk of certain cancers, including ovarian. Talya Schneider shares her story in the hope that more Jewish families can stay together, for longer.  

    Talya Schneider and her family.jpg
  • Blog

    31 March 2021

    Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Highlights

    Thank you for your support throughout Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Year on year, March shines a spotlight on ovarian cancer and although we may be apart this year, this has only strengthened how we are united in our goal to reach a world where no woman dies of ovarian cancer. We are so grateful to have you by our side this March and beyond. Thank you. 

    Pam Bonati
  • Blog

    30 March 2021

    GreenAcres Walk In Her Name Step Challenge

    Having an insight into the devastating impact of bereavement for families who have lost women to ovarian cancer, the lovely team at GreenAcres Cemeteries & Ceremonial Parks decided to take part in our Walk In Her Name Step Challenge. Initially the team set a target of £2500, read on to find out how they more than doubled this figure.

    GreenAcres (1).png
  • Your Stories

    26 March 2021

    Putting a spotlight on age inequality: Elizabeth's story

    Women of all ages should have access to the best possible care when diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Sadly Debra’s mum Elizabeth, didn’t. Debra shares her mum’s story in the hope that all GP's will be better equipped in the future if a patient exhibits symptoms.

    Debra's Story (1).png