Our ambassadors

For too long, ovarian cancer has remained unrecognised, underfunded and misdiagnosed. At Ovarian Cancer Action, we want to put it in the spotlight. And keep it there. We want to ensure it gets the attention and research funding it deserves. 

We're so grateful to our ambassadors for using their passion and their platform to help us to amplify our message. Together, we will transform the lives and prospects of women today and for the generations to come.

  • Kate Winslet CBE

    “Having lost our mum to ovarian cancer in 2017, as a family we have first-hand experience of the awful loss that comes with this terrible disease. Early screening and further research is invaluable. Raising awareness as well as funds, becomes immediately empowering to women and girls, whilst at the same time giving genuine hope for a brighter future and cancer free lives.”

    Kate Winslet
  • Birdy

    “I feel so honoured to be a part of this film for Ovarian Cancer Action. My uncle, who worked on the project, forwarded the clip to me and the first thing I thought was how little I knew about the disease. Please learn the symptoms and if you can, help fund ovarian cancer research. We can make things better for the next generation.”

  • Gwnyeth Strong

    “Ovarian cancer kills more women than all the other gynaecological cancers together. It’s not right, then, that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. More awareness will lead to better funding, and that means fewer lives lost. That’s why I am so dedicated to my role as patron to the charity. I will do all I can to make more people aware and improve outcomes for women affected by the disease.”

    Gwyneth Strong 2019.jpg
  • Sharon Hodgson MP

    “As the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ovarian Cancer, I am proud to be an ambassador of Ovarian Cancer Action and to support the amazing work they do everyday to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and fund further research into this awful disease. I hope that this campaign is hugely successful.”

    Sharon Hodgson
  • Emma Reynolds MP

     “My Mum survived stage 4 ovarian cancer but her recovery and the lasting impact of the cancer would have been much easier if her cancer had been detected earlier. I support this campaign because we urgently need more research and more awareness raising of the symptoms of ovarian cancer.”

    Emma Reynolds MP
  • Norman Lamb MP

    “My mother died of ovarian cancer so I very much identify with this campaign.  It is much needed. I hope it is a massive success in raising both awareness and vital funds.”

    Norman Lamb MP