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    09 August 2018

    The CA125 blood test: your questions answered

    A CA125 blood test should be requested if a doctor suspects a patient's symptoms could be caused by ovarian cancer.
    Blood test
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    07 August 2018

    Back to the lab, cycling training and old vans

    Professor Bob Brown's research focuses on epigenetics and drug resistance – why chemotherapy sometimes stops working for patients with ovarian cancer. Later this year his partner, Justine, will cycle 240 miles from London to Paris over 3 days for Women V Cancer, raising money for three women's cancer charities, including Ovarian Cancer Action. Bob provides an update on the highs and lows of training and his vital ovarian cancer research that Women V Cancer helps to fund.
    Flora van
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    27 July 2018

    Talcum powder: what's the story?

    After the latest round of pay-outs Johnson & Johnson have been ordered to pay $4.7bn (£3.6bn) to women who claim their ovarian cancer was caused by using talcum powder. Ovarian Cancer Action investigates the facts behind this on-going legal case.
    Johnsons baby powder
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    19 July 2018

    Cannabis oil and ovarian cancer: the facts

    Using cannabis oil as a means to treat or cure cancer is a topic of much online debate and the internet is full of people claiming that it has effectively helped to cure their cancer. We take a closer look at the evidence behind these claims.
    Cannabis oil
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    18 July 2018

    Bloating: your questions answered

    People will describe bloating in slightly different ways, but usually, it is the uncomfortable feeling of tightness or distention around the abdomen. It might be accompanied by pain or the increased need to pass wind.
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    13 July 2018

    In the news: ovarian cancer and talcum powder

    Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay £3.6bn in damages to women who claim the company’s baby powder and other talcum powder products caused them to develop ovarian cancer. Our Chief Executive explains why today’s news is no cause for alarm.
    Talcum powder
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    10 July 2018

    The sky's the limit: Anika takes the leap for Ovarian Cancer Action

    This month, Anika Roob faced her fears and took part in a skydive for Ovarian Cancer Action. Ovarian cancer has had a devastating effect on Anika's family and she wanted to challenge herself and raise money to help fund research to protect future generations of women.
    Anika skydive
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    04 July 2018

    Celebrating 70 years of the NHS

    The National Health Service turns 70 on 5 July 2018. We wanted to take this opportunity to appreciate the vital role the service plays in the lives of women with ovarian cancer, and to recognise and thank the extraordinary NHS staff – the everyday heroes – who are there to guide, support and care for them, day in, day out.
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    04 July 2018

    "My story proves how important it is to have an understanding of your family history"

    Jess, 24, discovered she was BRCA2+ after her father was contacted by a relative who had tested positive. She describes the ups-and-downs of the past year, and why she now feels empowered by knowing her genetic status.
    Jess Martin2
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    18 June 2018

    "Before I was told I was BRCA positive, I had very limited knowledge of what it was"

    Andrea is 40, and mum to three girls. She recently discovered both she and her youngest daughter are BRCA2 positive.
    Andrea Baker
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    06 June 2018

    "Sarah was very lucky to have been diagnosed in the early stages"

    Andy’s wife Sarah was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer in 2008. He shares their story to help raise awareness of the importance of early detection and to highlight why an ovarian cancer screening tool is so desperately needed.
    Andy Cheesman
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    21 May 2018

    "One of the first things I wanted to do once I was in remission was to get fit again"

    Keen cyclist Dominique was teaching English in Myanmar when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Now in remission, she explains why it has been so important to her to get back in the saddle.
    Dominique 2
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    03 May 2018

    "Getting back to fitness has not been easy but I'm determined that I'll conquer this ride"

    This time last year Rosie couldn't walk 1km without a rest, yet alone contemplate riding her bike, as she was just completing six cycles of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Now she is gearing up to take on Ride the Night for Women V Cancer.
    Rosie Lapsley RIde the Night
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    25 April 2018

    "Running a marathon is a fitting tribute to my strong, courageous mum"

    Helen Witter ran the Manchester marathon on 8th April this year aged 61. It is the third time she has competed in the event. She tells us about her experience.
    Helen Witter
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    13 April 2018

    OCAM 2018: We couldn't have done it without you!

    March has come to an end and what a month it has been! Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters for taking action to help us get closer to our goal to raise £1 million to fund an ovarian cancer screening tool. Read on for some of our Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month highlights...
    WIHN Barry
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    02 April 2018

    Running for friendship: the road to the London Marathon

    Liz is running the London Marathon this April as part of #TeamOCA. Undeterred by the recent snow, she tells us about her motivation behind running and fundraising for Ovarian Cancer Action
    Liz snowy run
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    29 March 2018

    "My wife, daughters and I decided that we should be open and honest with one another"

    Paramjit’s wife Ravi was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007, eventually losing her battle in May 2017. He shares his story to help raise awareness of the importance of early detection and to encourage women to be persistent with their GP if they are experiencing symptoms.
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    26 March 2018

    "If we are to make a major difference in our fight against ovarian cancer we must develop a screening tool"

    Your support means that Professor Ahmed Ahmed and his team at the University of Oxford have been able to make ground breaking discoveries in the early detection of ovarian cancer. This work could be the key to saving thousands of women’s lives every year. You can help fund research into the development of the world’s first screening tool for ovarian cancer by donating £10 today.
    Professor Ahmed lab
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    08 March 2018

    Let's #PressforProgress in ovarian cancer survival

    On International Women’s Day, Marie Claire Platt, our Head of Operations and Campaigns, tells us why we need to #PressforProgress in ovarian cancer survival.
    Adele quote
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    08 March 2018

    Celebrating inspirational women!

    It's International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating the women who inspire us. These ladies are just some of so many who have gone above and beyond to create a better future for thousands of women affected by ovarian cancer. Thank you to everyone for your support — we truly couldn't do what we do without you.
    IWD collage