About Ovarian Cancer Action

More research.
Bigger impact.

Ovarian cancer is the UK’s most deadly gynaecological disease claiming a woman’s life every two hours. And that’s not ok with us. In fact, diseases like breast cancer had better survival rates five decades ago than ovarian cancer does in 2019.

We’re determined to do something about this. To take action and make ovarian cancer a survivable disease. Raising awareness of its symptoms amongst the public and healthcare professionals is how we make the quickest impact. Scientific research is how we make the biggest impact.

That’s why, with your support, we’ve funded £11.4m in medical research since 2006, more than any other ovarian cancer charity. You’ve helped us open the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre at Imperial College London and to run our HHMT International Forum on Ovarian Cancer, bringing together the world’s leading scientists to determine research priorities around the globe.

We’re committed to funding research to accelerate progress in three main areas: prevention, diagnosis and treatment. And while our scientists are busy in the lab, we’re on the ground campaigning for change and raising awareness of the disease, so that every woman and healthcare professional knows the signs to look out for.

Together, these priorities will help women survive ovarian cancer.

Join us on our mission today. Help us accelerate the rate of progress.