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Hereditary Ovarian Cancer Information Hub

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Around 20% of ovarian cancer cases have a hereditary cause. This means that a genetic fault (sometimes called a mutation or alteration) has been inherited from one or both parents. Find out everything you need to know about genetic faults, hereditary cancer risk, cancer prevention options and more.

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This simple tool will assess your risk of having inherited a genetic mutation that could increase your risk of developing certain cancers. It's suitable for both men and women.

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Lorraine's BRCA story

Lorraine Benn is the youngest of four sisters. After the eldest two were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she and her sister Susan elected to have hysterectomies as a precaution. Following this surgery, Lorraine’s histology results came back showing that she had ovarian cancer. Convinced it must be hereditary they pushed for genetic testing. While waiting for the result, she had preventive screening for breast cancer, and was diagnosed with this too. She later discovered she carried the BRCA2 mutation.

Lorraine's story