Raise awareness

John Lynch delivering an awareness talk

Ovarian cancer is the UK's biggest gynaecological killer. There is currently no national screening programme for the disease and until there is, the best tool we have to ensure more women are diagnosed earlier is awareness. That’s why Ovarian Cancer Action is Talking Ovaries, and why we want you to talk ovaries with us! There are lots of ways you can get involved:

Arrange a talk at your place of work

We want to be talking ovaries to as many people as possible, and can do this by coming to deliver an awareness presentation to your group, club, place of work, school or university. 

Covering things such as the key facts and stats about the disease, signs and symptoms, risk factors and how the disease is diagnosed and treated. Presentations are delivered by OCA staff and volunteers. If you have a group of people who want to listen and learn, we want to come and talk ovaries to you!

Spread the word 

Educate yourself about the symptoms of ovarian cancer, and pass this information on to at least one other person. Why not do one of the following:

  • Have a conversation with a friend or family member and give them a copy of our symptoms guide
  • Put our symptoms poster up in your toilets at work, community centre, gym or health club, pharmacy, church, mosque, synagogue or supermarket...use your imagination!
  • Hand a symptoms card to everyone at work. Why not give them two and ask them to pass one on as well?
  • Go digital: download infographics that you can share on social media:

Make sure your GP is talking ovaries too  

GPs play a vital role in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. They are the first port of call for women with symptoms, and early diagnosis often depends on getting women referred for investigations quickly.

Ovarian Cancer Action has materials for GPs to help them identify possible symptoms quickly and make appropriate referrals. You can order one of our training packs today and give it to them next time you have an appointment! Visit ovarian.org.uk/gps 

For more information please contact – info@ovarian.org.uk

Why is it so important?

• Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cancer in women in the UK

• It is the biggest gynaecological cancer killer

• It takes women 15 days to act on their health concerns

• It can affect women of any age

• It is important to be aware if you have a family history of the disease

• One in four women mistakenly believe the cervical smear screens for ovarian cancer 

• Nine out of ten women cannot name all four symptoms of the disease

Until there is a national screening tool the way we can ensure more women are diagnosed earlier is to raise awareness. Awareness among women and their families, as well as among GPs and other healthcare professionals. 

You can order our leaflets, posters and more by filling in this form

Talking Ovaries packs contain:

  • Posters to display in your local community, GP surgery or at work
  • Symptoms leaflets to help you talk ovaries with friends and colleagues
  • Symptoms diaries to help  the people you talk to make a note of the symptoms if they are concerned
  • Information cards for you to leave out for people to take and find out more about the disease and the charity
  • Ovarian cancer guides to inform the people you talk to about the symptoms, types and stages of ovarian cancer and risk factors
  • Ideas of how you can help us raise awareness and talk ovaries in your local community
  • Ways to order more materials, including education packs for your GP

Talking Ovaries materials