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Do you know a member of the Women’s Institute?

16 December 2020

Kathy Heathcote WI (3).png

In the UK a woman dies of ovarian cancer every two hours, so why haven’t more people heard of the disease? It’s one of the most common cancers for women and yet because the symptoms are unknown to so many, it is usually diagnosed in its late stages. Although five-year survival rates for ovarian cancer are improving, other cancers, such as breast cancer, had better survival rates two generations ago than ovarian cancer does today. With your help we can change this.

Kathy Heathcote is a member of the Women’s Institute (WI) and one of our dedicated supporters. It is because of her that we have secured a resolution with the WI, to increase awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Kathy tragically lost her daughter-in-law, Vicky, to the disease in 2019. Vicky used her diagnosis to make a change. Vicky is the incredible woman behind our “I Will Survive Video” and will forever be part of our mission to help more women survive ovarian cancer and now Kathy is carrying on her legacy. For years the WI has been making real change by championing the issues that matter to them the most. If we win the resolution, then we have a 200,000 strong sisterhood backing us for real change. 

If you know a member of the WI, ask them to vote for our resolution in February. Together we have the power to create a world in which no woman dies unnecessarily of this dreadful disease.