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The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree.jpg

Welcome to our wishing tree. This winter we're sharing our wish and we would love for you to share yours. 

It has been a difficult year, but with thanks to your support we continue to work on vital research to help more woman with ovarian cancer. 

Thank you for sharing your wishes with us.

With every wish shared, there's hope.

  • Ovarian Cancer Actions' Wish.jpg

    Ovarian Cancer Action

    Our wish is for a future where women survive ovarian cancer. We know that many of you share that same wish, thank you.

  • Kevin's Wish

    For a world without ovarian cancer.

  • Christmas Bauble Kevin.jpg

    Kevin's bauble

  • Mary's Wish

    To survive ovarian cancer in order to see my grandchildren graduate college and get married

  • Tracy's wish for genetic testing

    My wish is that genetic testing is not a postcode lottery so we can all find out our risk.

  • Vicky's Wish.jpg

    My wish is to be together with my three siblings again. Which so rarely happens since my mother died of ovarian cancer and not at all since Covid19.

  • Vicky's Bauble.jpg

    Vicky's Bauble

  • Lynn's Ovarian Cancer Wish.jpg

    My wish is to get through this pandemic, so I can start living and enjoying life again.

  • Sara's Wish

    My wish is to get to Christmas, ovarian cancer is a wicked thing.

  • Teresa's Wish For Ovarian Cancer

    My wish is that ovarian cancer would take a break from attacking the most remarkable women in the world!

  • Daisy's Wish For Ovarian Cancer Action

    This Christmas I wish that Ovarian Cancer Action can help create a future where no girls fear ovarian cancer - Daisy.

  • Daisy's Bauble

    Daisy's Bauble

  • Tot's Bauble

    My wish is to live a long happy and cancer free life.

  • Louise's Bauble

    My wish is that all cancer becomes curable soon.

  • Daisy's Wish For Ovarian Cancer CA125 Test

    My wish is that every woman should be offered the CA125 test when they display symptoms.

  • Jo's Wish OCA.jpg

    My wish would be for my mum to be here to meet my children. This isn't possible, so I wish for a future where no one has to lose their mum to ovarian cancer.

  • Charlotte's Bauble copy.jpg

    Charlotte's bauble

  • Charlotte's Wish Bauble.jpg

    A future where every woman survives ovarian cancer - Charlotte

  • Toria's Christmas Wish.jpg

    My wish is to live a long happy and cancer free life.

  • Margaret's wish for raising awareness of ovarian cancer.jpg

    My wish is that all women need to know about ovarian cancer. Awareness can save lives!

  • Elaine's wish for ovarian cancer.jpg

    My wish is that more GPs and medics are aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and that I continue to keep in good health.

  • Clare's wish for a ovarian cancer cure.jpg

    My wish is for a cure so I can spend more time with my loved ones and watch my daughter live her life.

  • Kay's Bauble.jpg

    Kay's bauble

  • Kay's Wish for 2021.jpg

    Good health and peace for 2021 - Kay

  • Lillian's Wish For Ovarian Cancer.jpg

    My wish is that through research we can eradicate this disease completely or detect it very early by being vigilant and aware of the symptoms.

  • Emma's Wish for the CA125 Test.jpg

    My wish is for doctors to offer the CA125 test as a mandatory procedure when women have symptoms.

  • Jackie's wish for younger and older ladies ovarian cancer.jpg

    My wish is for more ovarian cancer tests for younger and older ladies.

  • Stella's Bauble.jpg

    Stella's bauble

  • Stella's OCA wish.jpg

    My wish is for women of today and the future to know their bodies, have body confidence and to go to the Dr if anything changes or is wrong - Stella

  • Janet's Wish

    My wish is for women to get an early diagnosis, it's that which saved my daughters life.