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Showing the reality of ovarian cancer with a new campaign

05 January 2023


Later this month, we'll be sharing the next chapter of In Her Name (following on from our inaugural In Her Name week in December). We'll be launching an advertising campaign that highlights how the odds are against women with ovarian cancer, and the names and stories behind the statistics. 

For every name, living and lost to ovarian cancer, we must make faster progress to ensure ovarian cancer is a survivable disease for all women. You'll see adverts across billboards, magazines, our social media channels and more over the next few months and throughout Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in March. 

Thank you to Hearst publishers and Clear Channel for all their support.

Why we need to be cut through

Did you know only 44% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer live for five years beyond their diagnosis? We know this is a statistic that some may find difficult to read. But to raise greater awareness of ovarian cancer, we can't ignore the true reality and unfairness that so many women are facing. People simply don't know the threat it's posing and how the odds are against women. We've seen incredible advances in prostate cancer (85% of men live beyond five years of diagnosis) and breast cancer (87% live beyond five years), but we haven't seen the same for ovarian cancer. This disease is overlooked, awareness is low, women aren't being diagnosed early enough and treatments need to improve. Women shouldn't be relying on hope to survive. That's why we need to reach more people to make them understand the issue of ovarian cancer.

A campaign made from your words and your pictures

At the end of 2022, we took to social media to ask our supporters for the photos and words that symbolises their ovarian cancer story and to share their names, proudly alongside them. We were overwhelmed by the honesty, love and passion we received from so many women and families. 

We saw and heard so many incredible stories (and you can read a sample of these in our adverts at the top and bottom of this page). 

  • Stories about struggling to get a diagnosis. Often months of back and forth with health professionals, confusion around identifying symptoms and anxiety awaiting test results.
  • Stories about dealing with diagnosis. Is it treatable? How do I tell my family? How long do I have left?
  • Stories about tackling treatment. How will I feel about losing my hair? How will I get through this? Will I be able to have a family? Has the cancer gone?

Stories about love. Stories about loss. Stories that must be heard if we're to turn the tide on ovarian cancer. 

We'll keep spreading awareness about signs and symptoms and risk, appealing to the head, our rational side. But we think we need to appeal more to the heart, showing the devastating impact ovarian cancer is having on women, their identities and their families. 

Behind every statistic is a name and a story. And each and every name and story will inspire - inspire someone to go to the GP, to talk to friends and family, to take on an incredible fundraising challenge, to make an invaluable donation; to join our mission against ovarian cancer. Together, we can change the future for women.

Look out for our campaign, share with family and friends and do something amazing, In Her Name, in 2023.