‘Journey of Hope’: A poem

02 February 2017

Debbie Sharp was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in May 2015 and has undergone Hartman’s surgery, chemotherapy and recently cytoreductive surgery. Debbie hopes that by sharing her poem, other patients can gain inspiration and strength and realise that they are not alone on their journey.

Journey of Hope

A normal day, that dreaded call

was all it took for my life to fall

A life, a world, turned inside out

A life of worry, a life of doubt

Crumbling inside, with no way out

Cancer itself brings so much doubt

Family and friends are always there

Hope, support, forever care

Demons arrive, late in the night

Feel so weak, without a fight

The morning dawns, another day

Could it be the one that goes my way

Chemo, surgery, when will it all end

Not long now and I’ll be on the mend

Love, hope, “head up” they all say

Remission in sight, well that’s what we pray

Another test, an anxious wait

Results day, which we all hate

A positive mind, a positive soul

Pressing on towards my goal

Litley Oak always brings a smile

on the days I’m down, that uphill mile

Strength within, the fight’s begun

I won’t give up till this battle is won

By Debbie Sharp