Get fit for free: Why walking should be your new year's resolution in 2018


As the year draws to a close many of us start to think about New Year’s resolutions. While some may aim for the more challenging feats of cycling to work every day or giving up sugar — such ambitious goals don’t suit everyone. Instead, why not join us this year and make your resolution to walk! 

Getting out in the fresh air is healthier and cheaper than getting public transport or driving, and may be even better for us than previously thought. Although the World Cancer Research Fund suggests that half an hour of activity (including walking) can have a role in the prevention of some cancers. We all have busy lives and while we can’t all fit in an hour of brisk walking every day, recent studies have shown that doing so can have a 7.2% reduction in the risk of high blood pressure and a 7.0% reduction in the risk of high cholesterol

And while you're out for a stroll, why not dazzle your friends with some of our favourite facts about walking:

  •  In the 1870s and 1880s, large crowds would pack arenas like the first Madison Square Garden in New York City to watch—and bet on—men walking around in circles for 600 miles over six days.

  • Replacing 1½ miles of driving with walking will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced by about 75 percent.

  • Walking sideways can burn up to 78% more calories than walking forward.

  • The longest uninterrupted walk was 19,019 miles from the southern tip of South America to the northern most part of Alaska and took 2,425 days.

  • The average person takes 9000 steps each day. In a lifetime that is 3.5 trips around the Earth.

Ready to start walking next year? Why not get some friends together and join Walk In Her Name.