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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month toolkit

What you need to know

One woman dies of ovarian cancer every two hours here in the UK. Although five-year survival rates for ovarian cancer are improving, other cancers, such as breast cancer, had better survival rates two generations ago than ovarian cancer does today. That just isn’t good enough. Ovarian Cancer Action believes that the next generation of girls deserves better and we are investing heavily in research to ensure our conviction translates into action.

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (OCAM) and a great opportunity to both spread the word about a much overlooked disease and also to communicate how we are funding world-class research in order to find better, kinder treatments for a woman facing a diagnosis today, or to prevent the disease for the next generation of women. Our campaign includes an advert voiced by Kate Winslet who lost her own mother to ovarian cancer and features a cast of young girls speaking the lyrics of the famous Gloria Gaynor anthem, ‘I Will Survive’. 

How you can help

The easiest way to stay up to date with Ovarian Cancer Action’s activities during OCAM is to follow us on our social channels. From there you can directly share the messages on your own channels. From a single tweet to an email to your database, every person you reach takes us another step closer to our ambitious goal: a world where no woman dies of ovarian cancer.

Your OCAM toolkit is below starting with the suggested Tweets. Make sure to check out our channels (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook), be sure to tag us and encourage your friends to join the movement and take action too!

  • 29th Feb

    March is #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth and we’re helping @OvarianCancerUK raise awareness through their #nextgenresearch campaign. Stay tuned for more details.

    Brand campaign 2019
  • 1st March

    Have you seen @OvarianCancerUK’s powerful #nextgen campaign? Watch and share their video below, and donate what you can to fund next generation research for next generation lives > ovarian.org.uk/donate

    With Brand Campaign video.

    Next Gen video
  • 3rd March

    There are 4 main symptoms of ovarian cancer. These are:

    - Persistent stomach pain

    - Persistent bloating

    - Difficulty eating/feeling full more quickly

    - Needing to wee more frequently

    Please share and help us to raise awareness: ovarian.org.uk/symptoms #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth

    Ovarian cancer symptoms
  • 6th March

    Did you know that ovarian cancer claims the life of another woman in the UK every two hours? Help fund ovarian cancer research by donating to @OvarianCancerUK and make sure you know the symptoms. Early diagnosis saves lives. > ovarian.org.uk/symptoms

    Ovarian cancer is the biggest gynae killer
  • 12th March

    "Ovarian cancer is a silent killer and doesn't affect young people, right?"

    "It's the same as cervical cancer, surely smear tests detect it?"

    @OvarianCancerUK regularly get asked these questions so they’ve addressed 8 myths surrounding ovarian cancer > https://bit.ly/389Sda9

    Ovarian cancer myths
  • 18th March

    Although five-year survival rates for ovarian cancer are improving other cancers, such as breast cancer, had better survival rates two generations ago than ovarian cancer does today. This needs to change. @OvarianCancerUK are funding research into the world’s first ovarian cancer screening tool. Learn more > https://bit.ly/32uBjl8 @ProfAhmedA @MRC_WIMM”

    Ovarian cancer comparative survival rates
  • 27th March

    As #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth draws to a close, learn more about the scientists carrying out the next generation research @OvarianCancerUK > ovarian.org.uk/our-research/meet-scientists/

  • 31st March

    To celebrate the final day of #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth, we wanted to re-share @OvarianCancerUK’s campaign video. Please help us raise awareness and funds by sharing and donating what you can > ovarian.org.uk/donate

    Re-sharing Campaign video

    Next Gen video

Share the facts

  • Gynae cancers infographic

    It's deadlier than other gynae cancers

    Ovarian cancer kills more women in the UK than womb, cervical, vaginal and vulval cancer combined. With no national awareness programme it’s vital you know the symptoms – ovarian.org.uk/ symptoms

  • Ovarian cancer comparative survival rates

    Survival rates need to improve

    Research into breast and prostate cancer has seen dramatic improvements in survival rates over the past forty years. We want to see the same for ovarian cancer. Help fund the research that will make this a reality – ovarian.org.uk/donate

  • Ovarian cancer survival rates by stage of diagnosis

    Early diagnosis is vital

    If a woman’s ovarian cancer is diagnosed at stage 1 she has a 90% chance of surviving for five years or more but by stage 4 survival rate is as low as 4%. Early diagnosis saves lives – ovarian.org.uk/symptoms

Share our campaign assets

  • Next gen research

    Take action with us now and transform the lives and prospects of women today and for the generations to come > ovarian.org.uk/nextgen #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth

  • Brand campaign 2019

    Take action with us now and transform the lives and prospects of women today and for the generations to come > ovarian.org.uk/nextgen #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth

Thank you for taking action with us.