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Where your money goes

Here at Ovarian Cancer Action, we’ve got nothing to hide. All your money goes back into doing the stuff that counts. The stuff that will make a difference.

You help raise the funds, here’s how we spend them

50p from every £1 you raise goes straight into our scientific research and 23p is spent on doing everything we can to shout about the signs and symptoms. Only 4p goes into governance and the rest goes back into fundraising. As they say, you have to speculate to accumulate.

Where your money goes

What could your money buy?

  • £4 could buy 10 scalpels
  • £16 covers the cost of 20 microscope slides
  • £30 will pay for us to extract DNA from a cancer sample 
  • £50 will buy a bottle of serum that allows scientists to culture cancer cells in the lab
  • £120 could buy a bottle of methanol, which fixes 100 tumour samples so that they don’t degrade
  • £250 allows scientists to detect the number of copies of DNA in a tumour sample.
  • £800 covers the cost of analysing DNA for BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations
  • £1000 would allow researchers to count the number of cancer cells left in a sample after trialling new treatments
  • £2400 could allow analysis of a cancer genome
  • £30,000 will fund an MSC or PHD student, fostering the next generation of scientists