Duriyen (Duri) Mehmet

Senior Agency Director at Orion

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After graduating from university with a degree in English, Duri started her ten year career in media as an assistant in TV spot sales at Sky Media. She was then promoted to Airtime Management Executive, maximising revenue and managing the efficiency of airtime for just under six years. She then moved to News UK, where she became a Trading Manager, negotiating and managing deals across various agencies. Duri then joined Orion over two and a half years ago as Senior Agency Director, working closely with agencies, negotiating deals with media owners and managing her own team. Last year Duri also launched COSMOS in the UK (Orion’s Diversity and Inclusion programme) and is looking forward to continuing to support and create change in 2021. 

Reason for joining the NGWC:

"Almost nine years ago I lost the strongest and most inspirational woman in my life to ovarian cancer, my mum. Due to my own experience, this is a cause that I’m extremely invested in and hold very close to my heart. Carrying on my mum’s legacy and spreading awareness of a disease that exclusively affects women is something I’m hugely keen to take part in as together we can save lives. I am looking forward to meeting a group of professional women, hearing their thoughts and ideas and working with them towards a common goal. With our various experience and collective passion, I believe that we can raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer, learn from inspiring female leaders as well as gain insight to help us develop and progress in the future."

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LinkedIn: Duriyen Mehmet
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