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Increasing survival by helping women get the right targeted treatments


Why is it important for us to fund this research?

Several types of cancer have seen enormous improvements in survival thanks to targeted treatments tailored to the disease's characteristics.

For too long, women with ovarian cancer have faced a generic approach and the uncertainty of whether their treatment will work at all.

New targeted drugs for ovarian cancer don’t work against all cancers, so it is vital that doctors know what will be best for each woman.

Shockingly our research suggests that 1 in 5 women might not be getting the right drugs, and we desperately need to fix this.

Our latest research could help more women get treatments that work and keep them alive and healthy for longer.

What does this mean for women with ovarian cancer?

We’re funding a project led by Professor Christina Fotopoulou, the deputy director of our Research Centre, and Doctor Paula Cunnea, to understand how ovarian cancer changes as it spreads in the body, so women can get the right treatment. This could lead to new tests to help women get the maximum benefit from targeted drugs and spend more precious time with their family and friends.

Imagine having just one wish: more time with those you love. For women battling ovarian cancer, this is the one wish that burns brighter than any other. Read about the research projects we're funding to help make that wish come true.

Your donation can fuel groundbreaking research that aims to grant women more time with their loved ones. Donate today.