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Uncovering opportunities to stop cancer recurrence

Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre

Why is it important for us to fund this research?

Seven in ten women treated for ovarian cancer face the nightmare of the disease coming back. When this happens, the cancer is incurable and treatments are less effective.

Scientists still don’t fully understand how cancer becomes resistant, which makes it difficult to prevent.

One of the brilliant scientists at our Research Centre, Dr Marco Di Antonio, is determined to find a solution. By studying cancer samples from women taken before and after relapse, he thinks treatment resistance could be due to small chemical tags controlling the cancer’s genes.

We’re funding Marco to use his expertise in biology and chemistry to develop a ‘tool’ that uses UV light to precisely add or remove the tags in cells.

Once the tool is ready, Marco will test if it reduces cancer cells’ resistance to newer targeted treatments.

What does this mean for women with ovarian cancer?

This tool has the potential to transform our understanding of treatment resistance, knowledge that will be crucial in giving hope to the thousands of women who fear being told their treatment is no longer working.

Imagine having just one wish: more time with those you love. For women battling ovarian cancer, this is the one wish that burns brighter than any other. Read about the research projects we're funding to help make that wish come true.

Your donation can fuel groundbreaking research that aims to grant women more time with their loved ones. Donate today.