Alison Dagul: “To be told you have ovarian cancer is devastating. Imagine how you'd feel if you discovered that it could have been prevented."

Alison Dagul standing

Alison was diagnosed with late-stage metastatic breast and ovarian cancer in 2014. She shares her story.

"We found out far too late that they were both triggered by the BRCA1 gene mutation that I didn’t know I was carrying. I also had no idea I had inherited this risk from my father, and that just being Jewish meant I had a higher chance of being a carrier.

"I had unknowingly passed this risk onto my daughter too, but having this knowledge has allowed her to take preventive action – an opportunity that I sadly never had."

Alison Dagul

A simple blood test can identify the faulty gene, and this knowledge gives you the power to potentially stop the cancer in its tracks. It could impact your chances of early diagnosis, cancer treatment, preventing the disease, and even protecting your family for future generations.

Knowing your BRCA status gives you the choice to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family, to keep them safe.  After all, what more does any Jewish mother or father want?

My legacy is for my children to know I’ve done everything I can in creating awareness about ovarian cancer and that we helped raise funds for future treatments.  I do not want any other family to suffer like we have.” 

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