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Navigating Quality Improvement

These pages are designed to help clinical teams navigate Quality Improvement (QI) methodology in gynaecological cancer care. Our aim is straightforward: to equip you with the know-how to create and implement projects that improve patient safety, care quality, and outcomes for women with cancer.

This section offers a focused collection of materials in six sections from ‘Why is QI important’ to ‘The Spread Challenge’ and includes textual insights, visuals, and evidence-based examples—specifically curated to guide you in mastering QI methodology.

Why is Quality Improvement (QI) Important?

If you work in healthcare, you're already aware of its complexities. With numerous processes and pathways, there's always room for refinement, for the benefit of both staff and patients. Quality Improvement (QI) offers a proactive approach to making those enhancements.

QI is more than just a concept—it's an empowerment tool.

It's about equipping you, the healthcare professional, with the skills and means to improve the very environment you operate in, not just for care which you provide but for improving the systems within which you work.

Through QI Central, we introduce you to methods that create a setting where change and improvement can thrive. Our aim is to cultivate a culture of innovation led by engaged leadership. We provide you with the essential tools, techniques, so that all staff can take ownership of raising the standard of care. We offer the essential tools and techniques that aim to support clinicians by providing thoughtful and targeted material on key topics in QI and helping to guide QI learning and practice so that all staff can take ownership of raising the standard of care.

After all, the standard you walk past is the standard you set. Engaging with QI isn't just about adhering to guidelines; it's about continually raising the bar to offer the best care possible.

If you are a patient, go to the Ovarian Cancer Action website