Ovarian Cancer Action launch mobile phone symptoms app to improve early diagnosis

20 July 2015

We have created a mobile phone app that allows women to track possible symptoms of ovarian cancer using their phone.

Building on the paper symptoms diary that Ovarian Cancer Action has used for years - the new Ovarian Cancer Action Symptoms Diary App helps women to record and rate the severity of possible symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Women can track their symptoms over time and email themselves a summary report to take with them to the GP.

The charity hopes that GPs will be able to use the symptom diary report to see the persistency, frequency and severity of their patient's symptoms, enabling them to make quick decisions about women's future care.

Women may want to use the Ovarian Cancer Action Symptoms Diary App because they are worried: 

  • That the symptoms they’re experiencing may indicate ovarian cancer
  • Their ovarian cancer has come back
  • That they may be experiencing symptoms due to inherited risk

The Ovarian Cancer Action Symptoms Diary App offers information on the symptoms of ovarian cancer and how to talk to your GP.

Katherine Taylor, Acting CEO for Ovarian Cancer Action, said: "Although ovarian cancer does have definitive symptoms, they can be quite subtle and are sometimes mistaken for other problems.

"Our Ovarian Cancer Action Symptoms Diary App allows you to track any symptoms you’re experiencing over time and will help you convey any concerns to your doctor, so that you can both get a diagnosis as soon as possible.”

The mobile phone app can be used on both android and iphones and is free to download from the Apple and Google store.

Ovarian Cancer Action also have a paper symptoms diary that you can download and print.

How do I download the app onto my phone?

  • Open the app store on your phone and search for 'Ovarian Cancer Action'