What is the link between our genetics and risk of cancer?

James Flanagan Jonathan Krell
Dr Jonathan Krell and Dr James Flanagan, Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre

Dr Jonathan Krell and Dr James Flanagan are investigating how changes to our genes can play a big part in our risk of developing cancer. By doing so, they hope to develop effective new ways to identify women at highest risk of ovarian cancer and prevent the disease occurring in the first place.

What’s next?

Dr Flanagan’s research focuses on the epigenetic reasons behind ovarian cancer risk.  He aims to find out whether biological responses to specific lifestyle factors, such as taking the contraceptive pill, reduce a woman’s chance of developing ovarian cancer.

Dr Krell is assessing how feasible it would be to implement a new genetic testing model that identifies and supports families at risk of ovarian cancer because of an inherited BRCA1/2 gene mutation. 

Helping people to understand and act on their genetic cancer risk could save the lives of thousands of women like Laura