Dr Chiara Recchi



Dr Chiara Recchi works as a senior scientist at our Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre to beat ovarian cancer. Find out what motivates her to keep fighting ...

What made you want to research ovarian cancer? 

Ovarian cancer is a horrible disease and we need to improve women's prognosis. I think we can only achieve this if we better understand the mechanisms of this disease and then we target its 'weak' points.

Did you always want to be a scientist?

When I was a child I wanted to be a vet. I loved animals. Then I realised that I was fascinated by all living things! I was very curious about the way things worked. I became interested in biology and during my studies I was captivated by how only a few modifications in a cell can cause its total malfunction and start a disease."

What keeps you motivated on a hard day? 

Thinking about changing things for women with this disease is a big push. There are many hard days in science, but the good ones are so exciting that we quickly forget the bad ones. We all know that research doesn’t follow a smooth path but the challenge is motivating. On top of that, great colleagues and a good bar of chocolate always helps me to get through the day!

What's your vision for the future of ovarian cancer treatment?

I would like to see women being given a drug that works for their ovarian cancer, that gives them the second chance they're missing out on. But for this to happen we need to investigate more and understand more. I feel I am part of this big international effort to stop women dying from ovarian cancer and I hope that together we will achieve our goal.

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