It's Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

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Ovarian cancer survival rates belong in the 1970s

The world has changed for the better for women in many ways since the 1970s – but ovarian cancer patients are facing survival rates that belong in the past. In fact, they are lower than breast cancer survival rates were five decades ago.

Every March we join forces with our fabulous supporters to raise awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms because, as we all know too well, early detection is key to a better outcome. And while we will continue to shout about this from the rooftops, this year we also want to focus on the bigger picture. We need to do much more than raising awareness of the symptoms if we are to vastly improve survival rates. We hear from women time and time again that they want to help us change this, for themselves and for women of the future.

So how will we change this?

Ovarian cancer is a complicated disease –  it’s difficult to diagnose and challenging to treat – and it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. With your help we have funded £11.4m of research since 2006, and if we are going to make a real difference to survival rates we need to keep going until we achieve a dramatic breakthrough. However, research takes time, which is why we are also dedicated to arming women with the resources they need to meet their challenges feeling inspired, understood and empowered.

Throughout March we will be exploring four areas we believe are key to improving survival rates:

  • Better treatment
  • Improved access to genetic testing
  • Top quality surgery
  • Improved resources and information

Each week we will be offering something immediate to help women with ovarian cancer today and sharing the research that will help the women of tomorrow. And most importantly we will give you plenty of opportunities to share your opinions and experiences to help shape the work that we do.

Ovarian cancer survival rates belong in the 1970s. Together we can change this.