Why I'm taking part in Walk in Her Name 2018

Gill Campbell collage

Last year, Gill Campbell decided to hold her Walk in Her Name in memory of her twin sister, Wendy Taylor, who sadly passed away in October 2015. She shares her experience...

"I chose Bewl Water in Tunbridge Wells for the walk as there was already an established 13.5 mile route with amazing views. I also knew that friends and family that wouldn’t be able to make the big walk in London would be able to join us on this one.  

I set about letting people know the details of the walk, then thought of my amazing friend Shelley Sellings who had introduced me to Ovarian Cancer Action.  She too had lost her sister Sonia to this terrible disease.  I contacted her and asked her if she would be interested in coming along.  She agreed straight away and we set about getting people together.

The day of the event dawned.  It was a beautiful day, just perfect for a walk.  Not too warm but not too cold either.

We had over 40 walkers of all ages.  Some as young as seven and some in their seventies — plus some canine walkers too! 

I’d also contacted the local BBC news and they sent a reporter along to do a little piece for us.

We set a gazebo up by the coffee shop from where we could hand out balloons, leaflets and information.  This was manned by my mum and sister, both of whom were unable to take part in the walk.

They raised quite a bit in the collection box from people passing by and one woman told them her mother had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer just a few days previously, so they were able to give her information and make her aware of the support out there for her and her family.

"All the way round, people out for a stroll gave us friendly shouts of encouragement"

Gill Campbell

We were joined on the walk by family, friends, work colleagues and a few who fancied a walk anyway, even though they had never met Wendy or Sonia.

My sister-in-law had come all the way from the Isle of Man to take part and my niece who has learning difficulties managed the whole walk, (with the thought of a Lambrini waiting at the other end for her). She had so much energy I feel sure she could have managed to do another loop!

Shelley’s little niece, (Sonia’s granddaughter), also managed to do the whole walk. She was a happy little soul all the way round and never complained once.

On route, we saw masses of daffodils and even a few deer grazing by the water’s edge. Some decided to challenge themselves to see how quickly they could finish but others made a day of it and stopped off for a picnic.

All the way round, people out for a stroll gave us friendly shouts of encouragement and many gave donations or asked about the charity. 

Everyone finished the course and they were given little teal coloured bags of chocolate hearts and sweets and a finishers certificate as they passed the finish line.  There were even certificates for the dogs. Altogether we made over £3,500.

All in all we had a fantastic day and I think everyone that took part enjoyed themselves.

I enjoyed every bit from organising to taking part and I am already in the process of organising another walk for next year."

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