"We all love our annual golfing get-together to share memories of our dear friends"

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Steph was an active 59 year old golfer when she died five years ago of a sudden heart attack. In the years since her death, Steph's friends and family have continued to raise money for charity and to pay tribute to their dearly missed friend with an annual golf tournament...

"Steph was such a funny, interesting and loving person. As well as her passion for sport, Steph also loved overseas travel, photography and was an avid reader and member of a book club. She was in Spain when she died, having just completed a fundraising event in aid of Ovarian Cancer research — her sister Patsy and another close friend, Mary, had recently been diagnosed with the disease.

A group of Steph's close friends decided to hold an annual golf day in her memory at Singing Hills Golf Club, near Brighton, and invited all her family and golfing friends to play in a fun event to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Action. 

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We call the event the ‘BBB golf day’ as Steph was famous for her expletives, “B******! B******! B******!” when she missed a short putt or mishit a shot! Players all donate money to enter and then pay on-course fines for a variety of poor shots and any swearing! We usually have 32 players taking part and we have raised about £2,500 for charity since we started the event five years ago! At the end of the tournament we award the BBB trophy, which we had made from one of Steph's beautiful vases. This year it was won by her nephew Charlie (above centre).

Very sadly, Steph's sister Patsy died eight months after Steph and our friend Mary lost her battle with the disease earlier this year. We all love our annual golfing get-together to share memories of our dear friends, raise a toast to them, and generate funds to help support the vital work of Ovarian Cancer Action."  Sue Ryan.

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