Our 2017 highlights!

  • A new hope for women with ovarian cancer

    "There’s been some exciting news at the end of the year about a new treatment for women with ovarian cancer, which we hope will soon be available on the NHS. Being  interviewed alongside our fantastic Voice, Florence, on Sky News about why the drug matters means ovarian cancer is getting the attention it needs." - Katherine Taylor, CEO

    Chief executive Katherine Taylor
  • WomenVCancer at home and abroad

    "Cycling alongside thousands of women on Women V Cancer events, both in the UK and Brazil, all of whom joined our fight against ovarian cancer. Our fundraisers are a constant source of inspiration to me, and a force to be reckoned with!" - Emily Legg, Head of Development

    Women V Cancer Brazil
  • Welcoming Professor Iain McNeish

    "In November we welcomed Professor Iain McNeish as the new Director of the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre. Professor McNeish is one of the top international experts in ovarian cancer research, and has an exciting vision for the research we fund at the Centre. We are looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings." - Marie-Claire Platt, Head of Operations and Campaigns

    Iain McNeish
  • Launching our BRCA policy paper at the House of Commons

    "A real highlight of 2017 was seeing our Acting on BRCA policy paper launched in Parliament.  The paper was built on the hundreds of responses we received from men and women across the country (through our BRCA survey) on their experience of the genetic testing pathway.  It was a privilege to read these responses and use them to help create an evidence-based document that will truly help OCA in its future BRCA campaigns." - Georgina Tharp, Communications and Research Officer

    Acting on BRCA
  • Raising awareness in Wales

    "2017 has been a great year for awareness raising in Wales! Over the past twelve months, I have met and shared awareness information with over 1,500 people. In March I also organised Cardiff’s first Walk In Her Name event. I was overwhelmed by how many people supported us and walked with us." - Alicia Roberts, Wales Regional Officer

    Sharon Jones and Alicia Roberts
  • A moving Tribute Wall event

    "In October we invited families to The Tribute Wall that sits in the heart of the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre, to see how the money they raised is being used. Its location ensures that the women it celebrates remain a daily source of inspiration for the scientists working there, as they strive to develop new treatments for women with ovarian cancer. It was an emotional day for everyone, but seeing all the names on the wall shows just how important the work we fund is." - Jess Vigni, Community Fundraiser

    Tribute funds and the tribute wall
  • A brand new look for our website

    "We worked with a fantastic team to launch our brand new website in March, turning it around in record time. We’ve received lots of wonderful feedback on our new look, with visitors commenting on how easy it is to find the information they need. We’re excited to develop the site further in 2018, so let us know what you think!" - Jennifer Schembri, Head of Communications

    New website
  • Cheering on the night riders

    “I’ve had countless moments of feeling really proud to work for OCA this year, but particularly so whilst working on the Ride The Night event in the summer. Cheering 3,000 amazing women across the finish line with the team by my side was such a great feeling! A whopping £500,000 was raised for Ovarian Cancer Action that night – pedal power in its greatest form!” - Daisy Woolfrey,  Corporate Partnerships Manager

    Ride The Night 2016