“If our fundraising helps others our temporary suffering is worth its weight in gold”

Holly Riley

Holly Riley shares how her mother in law's fight against ovarian cancer, led her to running 10k to fund research.

"Three weeks after her first grandchild was born my mother in law Pam got hit with the terrible news that she had stage 3c ovarian cancer.

Despite this awful news, she battled on through major surgery and multiple chemotherapy treatments to be able to see her grandchild say his first words, take his first steps and even accompanied us on his first holiday.

Her first grandchild gave her extra fight and determination and she showed him so much love despite the problems she was having personally.

Pam’s treatment had been successful to begin with to the point where the cancer had reduced and her CA125 levels where back to ‘normal’.

Unfortunately in the end the cancer came back strongly and aggressively, and eventually the consultants and doctors couldn’t do anything but make her comfortable. Despite an incredible fight, my mother-in-law lost her battle in October 2016.

Throughout everything she went through she always showed incredible courage and never let things get on top of her. We made a point of visiting her as often as we could and she always had a smile on her face and fussed over her grandson and us.

Despite only having around two and a half years with her grandson, those memories will live long in our memories. Every night before our son goes to bed he blows his Grandma Pam kisses and wishes her goodnight.

My husband and I were inspired by her and we had decided to do a local New Year’s Day 10km run to raise money to help fund ovarian cancer research to help ladies such as my mother in law.

Before she passed away she had organised a family trip to London whereby we would take in a visit to the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre. We still went ahead with the visit despite her passing and, after seeing the hard work and dedication of the staff involved in that centre, we know that the £1,400 we raised will be put to good use.

My husband and I completed the run in freezing conditions and driving rain but we ran together in Pam’s honour. Despite taking hours to thaw through we know that our pain is nothing compared to what others have to go through with this disease. If our collection helps others then our temporary suffering is worth its weight in gold."

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