"A holiday is the chance to rest mentally and physically"

Family holiday

The school holidays are in full swing and many of us are heading off on holiday. Whether you're at home or abroad, our Chief Executive Katherine Taylor ruminates on the importance of taking a break from the everyday and finding some head space.

"I’m writing this before heading off on holiday. I’m in that odd spot between being really excited and slightly panicked by all the things that still need to be done. I know from experience that disengaging from work won’t really begin until I’m on my way and heading south for Eurotunnel in the car.  

In the UK we are fortunate that almost all workers are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks’ paid holiday per year. It’s the chance to rest mentally and physically and take some time to do things away from daily cares. Whether you're travelling abroad or taking a break at home, I hope you also have an opportunity to change the pace from the day to day, even if it’s only for a brief, but important, while.  

I’m relishing the prospect of spending more time with the family, seeing some sun and (I hope) just idling reading a book. And the recharging of batteries isn’t only for myself – the object, of course, of paid holiday is to boost our productivity at work! So, whilst I aim to put my brain into neutral for a bit, I hope also to have a good think about the priorities for Ovarian Cancer Action, so that we can keep on the front foot, funding research in the best way we can to save lives."

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