Her Recipes For Life

Do you prefer baking to biking? Would you rather hold a dinner party than run a marathon? Then we’ve got the perfect way for you to support OCA from the comfort of your own home – with our fantastic recipe book, Her Recipes For Life.

Her Recipes For Life is a collection of cherished recipes from families affected by ovarian cancer. Beatrix, Marie-Claire and Jen from the OCA team decided to head to the kitchen and make a starter, main and dessert from the book. Find out how they got on....

Beetroot and Walnut Hummus with Oatcakes

Recipe by Angela Walker

Her recipes for life beetroot hummus

Jen, Head of Communications:  “I made Angela’s Beetroot and Walnut Hummus with Oatcakes. I love hummus and thought it would make a nice change from the usual chickpea variety.

The hummus is really quick to make. Once you’ve fried the cumin seeds and toasted the walnuts you literally shove everything in the blender (I think that’s the technical term) and mix until smooth.

The oatcakes take a little more preparation but are still very simple. I only had jumbo oats rather than oatmeal, which might explain why I found the mixture hard to roll out to the suggested 3mm. (Mine were a bit thicker and sort of ‘rustic’ – my mother's term for anything that looked a little less than perfect in the kitchen...)

The only change I made was using a diary-free butter alternative for the oatcakes, which made the whole thing vegan.

The finished recipe was absolutely delicious and as soon as I’d taken a few photographs my husband and I ate the lot. I’ll definitely be making this again – thank you Angela!”

Ma-Ma's Chicken and Broccoli Bake

Recipe by Dorothy Elphick, submitted by Lisa Wolford

Beatrix recipe

Beatrix, Community Fundraiser and Supporter Care: "I made Ma-ma’s Chicken and Broccoli Bake when I was feeling in need of some comfort food. The combination of melted cheese, chicken and breadcrumbs was too hard to resist!

The recipe makes 6 servings, but I ended up making a smaller bake to share with my dad, and enjoyed a rather generous portion. Conveniently a lot of the ingredients are kitchen cupboard essentials, so I didn’t have to do much shopping.

The chicken needs to be cooked beforehand, but you can always buy pre-cooked breasts. I recommend cooking the chicken in the morning before work, and then popping them in the fridge. That way when you get home you can just whack everything in the baking tray and be eating in 20 minutes!

My dad and I both really enjoyed the bake and went back for seconds, and I have to admit, thirds. I used breadcrumbs to top the bake, but next time I might experiment with the suggested crisps.

If you’re looking for a comforting and homely supper-time meal, look no further than Ma-ma’s Chicken and Broccoli Bake!"

Fernanda's Crostata Cake

Recipe submitted by Dr Chiara Recchi

MC bake

Marie Claire, Public Affairs and Operations Manager: "I was really excited to make Dr Chiara Recchi's grandma's recipe for crostata cake – I adore Italian food and when I saw that I could cook this with Nutella I had a very willing volunteer to help me put the cake together, and of course taste test afterwards!

I made a few ingredient swaps as the only thing that was open by the time I got around to making it on Sunday night was the local health food shop, so sugar became coconut sugar and Nutella became dark chocolate nut spread. These swaps didn't seem to make any difference except that I felt less guilty eating a massive piece at the end...

Once it came out of the oven I sprinkled a few white chocolate chips across the top which melted down and I popped some raspberries in the gaps once it had cooled for a finishing touch.

The one thing I'd change is that I made the base a bit too thick with quite a thin layer of the chocolate – so the ratio of pastry to chocolate was a bit off. But the raspberries added a nice extra flavour so it didn't turn out too dry.    

Overall, this was so easy to make and really delicious too. You can put this together mainly with things you'll already have in your cupboard and it was really quick to make. The instructions were so easy to follow (thank god!) and I already want to make it again with more chocolate, and the jam version too. Serve it with a scoop of ice cream and you'll be living 'la dolce vita' in no time."

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Money raised from this Ovarian Cancer Action recipe book will go towards targeted and effective research into the cause and treatment of ovarian cancer at our Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre, ensuring a brighter future for future generations of women we love.