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Sign our petition: a call to transform survival

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Join our call for an ovarian cancer audit

When a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the UK, the odds are stacked against her. We have one of the worst survival rates in Europe - only 36% of women will survive five years beyond their diagnosis. 

Ovarian cancer patients in the UK should have the same early diagnosis and high-quality treatment as their European counterparts. But we still don’t know why this isn’t happening. A national clinical audit of ovarian cancer will map patients’ journeys around the country from diagnosis through their treatment to highlight best practice and identify where improvements are needed. Whether they live in London, Lancaster, Leith or Llanelli — women across the UK deserve better. And you can help.

OCA supporter Gemma Carroll lost her mum to ovarian cancer in 2016. She set up a petition calling on the Government to fund a national clinical audit for ovarian cancer and 12,427 of you signed it.

"Long overdue"

In 2015, the Government’s Chief Medical Officer’s annual report ‘The Health of the 51%: Women’ called for a national clinical audit to be undertaken of treatment and survival trends for women with ovarian cancer in England. She said “A national audit of ovarian cancer is surely long overdue”. Our thoughts exactly.

Over two years later, we are still waiting for the Government to act. They say the decision about whether to fund an audit will be made this year.

Previous audits have already improved survival rates in lung, bowel, head and neck and oesophageal-gastric cancers. Similar progress in ovarian cancer is greatly needed.

Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland

As the NHS is devolved in each of the UK nations, audits have to be carried out separately in each county. Parallel audits are much needed in Wales and Northern Ireland too. 

We are calling on the Welsh and Northern Irish Governments to fund a national clinical audit of ovarian cancer in their respective countries.

Scotland has recently carried out an ovarian cancer audit.

We are calling on the Scottish Health Boards to build on this important audit and take action from its results.

How can you help?Although the petition is now closed, you can still write to your MP (England), Assembly Member (Wales), or MLA (Northern Ireland) to ask them to join our call for an ovarian cancer audit.

Write to your MSP (Scotland) to ask them to write to their local health board to build on the Scottish audit results. 

Find out who your local representative is here

    Need some inspiration? Download our template letters below:

    Once you’ve sent your letter let us know on campaigns@ovarian.org.uk so we can follow their replies.