Women in the UK to have the best treatment possible

What we want

  • Women deserve the best treatment for ovarian cancer that the world has to offer
  • All women with ovarian cancer should be seen by a specialist gynaecological surgeon and have the option of being treated in a major specialist centre if they wish
  • All women should be given the best possible information on therapeutic options and service providers in order to take informed action
  • Hospital-specific data should be published on the outcomes of surgery and survival rates post five years


  • The UK has amongst the lowest post five-year survival rates in Western Europe
  • We want to see this gap closed and for women in the UK to have the same opportunities for progression free survival as leading countries

How you can help

  • If you have experience of ovarian cancer, you can participate in reviews from NICE, Royal colleges and NHS. Email Abi@ovarian.org.uk to see how you can get involved
  • If you have ovarian cancer, feel empowered to ask your consultant for detailed information a second opinion if you are not sure
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