Talk to your local press

Approaching your local radio station or newspaper is a great way to spread the word about ovarian cancer and the work of Ovarian Cancer Action.

Do you have an event coming up where you’re raising money in your local area? Your local media may want to publish a story about you, celebrating your hard work.

How to write a press release

You can write a press release to send to your local media encouraging them to write a story about your event to publish in their paper or to talk about on the radio.

Your press release should be written before your event has taken place.

Keep it short and to the point including information on what your event is, where it is happening, when and why you’re personally driven to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Action.

You can download a sample press release and more tips about contacting your local media here.

Tips on contacting your local media

Contact someone on the editorial team of your local newspaper and explain what you’re doing and if you can send them a press release about your event
Once you’ve sent your press release follow it up with a phone call asking if they’ve seen it and if they’re interested in writing a story about you