Talk to your local MP

We want you to campaign to ensure that ovarian cancer is a healthy priority in your local area.

It would be great if you could to contact your local MP, MSP, MLA or AM to ask whether they will become Ovarian Cancer Action champions to ensure ovarian cancer is a priority for all political parties ahead of the general election.

You can download our leaflet about raising awareness of ovarian cancer with your local MP.

1. Find out the name of your local MP, MSP, MLA or AM

You can find out who your local MP, MSP, MLA or AM is if you live in:

2. Follow your MP, MSP, MLA or AM on twitter

Most parliamentarians are on twitter so it’s a good way of finding out more about their interests and even getting in touch.

3.  Write a letter asking to meet

Your letter is your chance to ask for a meeting to introduce Ovarian Cancer Action, what we do and why our work is so important.

You can find a sample letter to your local MP on page 3 of this leaflet.

The key to developing a good relationship with your local MP is continuity – keep them updated with recent developments and follow-up on suggestions or discussions from any meetings

4. Ask them to help Ovarian Cancer Action

You could ask your MP, MSP, MLA or AM to:

  • Support Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in March by writing a pledge to promote our campaign
  • Sign up to be an Ovarian Cancer Action Champion who promotes our cause in parliament and may table questions and early day motions to show support
  • Advocate for the need of early diagnosis in ovarian cancer, especially with local health professionals
  • Take a look at any difficulties you’ve experienced locally with access to help or diagnosis of the disease in your local area