Campaign successes

BRCA Testing at Diagnosis

In 2014 we called for BRCA 1/2 Testing for ovarian cancer patients and their families at the point of diagnosis.

Our policy report called for all women in England, Wales and Northern Ireland diagnosed with non-mucinous epithelial ovarian cancer to be tested for the BRCA1/2 gene mutation as is already the case in Scotland.

We published a follow up report highlighting the variance in access to BRCA testing across the UK.

With Margaret Ritchie MP we held a Westminster Hall debate about BRCA and ovarian cancer. She told the government: "It is clear that we need to implement a system across the UK and Northern Ireland where women diagnosed with ovarian cancer automatically receive a BRCA gene test and have the option for close relatives to take that test as well."

Action is change

In July 2015 we achieved our goal! The Clinical Commissioning Policy for BRCA 1/2 testing changed and all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are now eligible for BRCA 1/2 testing.