Our research strategy

What do we want?

The Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre aims to address the unmet needs of ovarian cancer patients by funding scientific investigation that will provide insights that might soon be translated into more effective strategies in prevention, detection or treatment of ovarian cancer.

What research do we fund?

Our research funding is underpinned by the fundamental idea that the future can and will change. Our research addresses the ideas that:

  • Good quality therapies that will permanently control the disease need to be found
  • Treatments that offer a better quality of life and a reduction of side effects are of paramount importance
  • UK women deserve the best quality treatments that the world has to offer, including avoiding unnecessary procedures
  • The speed of scientific progress needs to be accelerated to stop women dying

Our chair says ...

"While science will change the future, Ovarian Cancer Action is an organisation grounded by the need to make a woman and her family's experience of cancer one that maintains life as close to normal as possible. In funding science we are always aware that a woman with cancer is central to this support."

Allyson Kaye, Chair of Ovarian Cancer Action.