Ovarian Cancer Action supported clinical trials

The Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre is linked to the Imperial/Hammersmith Oncology Clinical Trials Unit and the West London Gynaecological Cancer Centre based at the Garry Weston Centre, Hammersmith Hospital and Queen Charlotte’s Hospital.

The Garry Weston Centre was established in 2006, with the aim of bringing together multiple organisations and all phases of cancer research.

The programme has a wide range of national and international clinical trials looking at the treatment of gynaecological cancer.

It is a specialised cancer unit with a dedicated team of coordinators and research nurses. 


If you are interested in finding out more about the unit's clinical trials, or would like to know if you can take part email the clinical trials team on Hammersmith.Cancertrials@imperial.nhs.uk or call 0208 383 4657.

What is a clinical trial?

Cancer research trials are carried out to try to find new and better treatments for cancer, involving human volunteers.

A high-quality clinical trial is the best way to find out how safe and effective a medical treatment is.

Clinical trials are also the best way to compare different methods of preventing and treating medical conditions, providing doctors with reliable evidence of which approach is best.

Clinical trials are used to:

  • Test new treatments, such as new chemotherapy drugs or biological therapies
  • Look at new combinations of existing treatments, or change the way they are given, to make them more effective or reduce side effects
  • Compare the effectiveness of drugs used to control symptoms
  • Find out how cancer treatments work
  • Find out which treatments are the most cost-effective
  • To find out what is the best type of surgery
  • To use new medical devices to control ovarian cancer

Trials are the only reliable way to find out if a different type of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or other treatment is better than what is already available. It is well known that patients who choose to enter clinical trials overall do better than patients who do not participate.

What clinical trials do Ovarian Cancer Action support?

1. A study looking at tissue and body fluid samples to help improve diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer (METABONOMICS)

This study is looking at substances called metabolites that may help doctors diagnose, monitor and treat ovarian cancer more easily in the future.

  • Funded by: Ovarian Cancer Action
  • Dates: Oct 2007- Oct 2017
  • Phase: Other
  • Am I eligible? Yes, I have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and have not had any prior treatment
  • Apply: Please contact Stephanie.Brown@imperial.nhs.uk

2.  A trial of GSK2110183 with chemotherapy for ovarian cancer (AKTRES)

This study is looking at the effects of GSK2110183 when given alongside carboplatin and paclitaxel to women with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.[MS2] 

  • Funded by: Ovarian Cancer Action
  • Dates: Dec 2012 -  March 2014
  • Phase: 1/2
  • Am I eligible? Yes, I have received prior carboplatin and paclitaxel, but the cancer came back within six months of finishing treatment
  • Apply: Please contact Emily.Pickford@imperial.nhs.uk

3. A study to help understand why ovarian cancer can come back or continue to grow after treatment (BRITROC-1)

In this study, researchers are collecting samples from women with ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancer to help understand better why chemotherapy can stop working.

  • Dates: Jan 2013-Dec 2015
  • Phase: Other
  • Am I eligible? Yes, I have high grade ovarian cancer which has come back or continued to grow after treatment
  • Apply: Please contact m.chen@imperial.ac.uk

4. A study to evaluate psychological support intervention after chemotherapy for women with ovarian cancer (OvPSYCH-2)

This study is comparing whether or not psychological counselling helps with women with ovarian cancer after treatment with chemotherapy.

  • Dates: Nov 2013-Dec 2015
  • Phase: Other
  • Am I eligible? Yes, I have been diagnosed with ovarian, peritoneal or fallopian tube cancer and completed chemotherapy within 6 weeks ago and are willing to complete questionnaires.
  • Apply: Please contact Emily.Pickford@imperial.nhs.uk