HHMT International Forum on ovarian cancer

The 13th HHMT International Forum took place in Toledo, Spain, in 2015. It brought together the world's leading ovarian cancer scientists and clinicians to present recent advances and discuss future directions in ovarian cancer research.


What was the aim?

The HHMT 13th International Forum aimed to:

  • Accelerate research and treatment innovation by sharing the latest and very best data and ideas with the very best scientists and clinicians
  • Learn from other cancers where important advances are being made that can be applied to ovarian cancer
  • Inspire, inform and educate younger researchers
  • Stimulate collaborations
  • Devise calls to action that make a real difference to women with high-grade serous ovarian cancer


How can you help?


The HHMT International Forum takes its name from Helene Harris who died from ovarian cancer. Her husband, John Harris, established the Helene Harris Memorial Trust and her daughter Allyson Kaye took over organising this meeting from which she founded Ovarian Cancer Action and established the UK’s first and only dedicated Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre.

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the support of AstraZeneca UK.