Join us and Walk In Her Name!


Are you thinking about organising a walk to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Action? Our Community Fundraiser Jess tells you everything you need to know.

What is Walk In Her Name?

We are asking you to organise a walk in the name of a loved one who has or has had ovarian cancer. Your walk can take place anywhere and on any day. You could plan your walk around a memorable or meaningful place, or somewhere local to you. March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and a great time to hold your walk, but you can Walk In Her Name whenever and wherever you want.

Can anybody Walk In Her Name?

Yes! Anyone and everyone can get involved with your walk, and you can invite as many people as you like. We recommend choosing a route which is suitable for all ages and abilities. You could invite guests to bring their dogs on your walk too.

How long does my walk have to be?

Your walk can be as long or as short as you would like it to be. It could be an all-day event, with a lunch break in your favourite pub, or a short stroll across your local park. If you want to challenge yourself, you could organise a mountain hike. A more gentle walk could be a wander into town ending in a coffee shop.

Do I have to raise a certain amount?

No! There is no minimum fundraising target, just raise what you can!

How do I fundraise?

There are a number of ways that you can fundraise. You could ask each of your walkers to raise a set amount via sponsorship, or you could ask everyone to donate a set fee to take part in the walk. We also recommend setting up a fundraising page; this is a great way to see everything you have raised in one place!

Where does my fundraising go?

Your fundraising will help us to fund scientific research into the cause and treatment of ovarian cancer. It will help to fund our work at the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre and our symptoms awareness programmes.

Can I get an Ovarian Cancer Action t-shirt to wear on my walk?

Yes! As the event organiser we will send you an Ovarian Cancer Action t-shirt for free! You can order more t-shirts for the rest of your team, and we also have children’s sizes. We ask for a £5 donation for all additional t-shirts.

Step by step guide:

  • Choose a route
  • Pick a date and time
  • Recruit your walkers 
  • Start fundraising
  • Take pictures on the day and share a video about whose name you are walking in and why, using the hashtag #WalkInHerName
  • Send in your fundraising, and help us to change the future for women facing ovarian cancer

Our Walk In Her Name fundraising pack is full of information and ideas for your walk. Register to receive your free pack in the post!