Women V Cancer

What is it?

Women V Cancer is a phenomenal series of challenging and adventurous cycles organised to raise money for three women's charities - Ovarian Cancer Action, Jo's Cervical Trust and Breast Cancer Care.

Funds raised by women who take part in the events are split evenly between these three charities.

What events can I get involved with?

We are currently recruiting for women to get involved in the following Women V Cancer events:

You can sign up today or email Fundraising@ovarian.org.uk for more information.

What's in it for you?

"I didn't know anyone else making the trip. But I wanted to lose weight, and having lost my mum to ovarian cancer I thought this would keep me on track. As the days pass you get to know each other so well, and the team spirit is amazing. Getting across the line each day and raising money for charity drives everyone on."

Jude Stocker cycled Women V Cancer India 2012

"The cycling, the camaraderie, the challenge and the adventure make these trips really special!"

Leila Hermansson cycled Women V Cancer Cuba 2013

How your money helps us

Most of our charitable spend contributes to world-class ovarian cancer research.

Some 46% contributes to life-saving research at our Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre and 22% to BriTROC - a study into why ovarian cancer keeps coming back.

We want to make ovarian cancer treatment more effective and reduce the number of women who die from the disease.

Our Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre drives new and more targeted treatment from preclinical studies, to clinical trials and into gynaceological clinics across the UK.