Your fundraising step by step

1. Decide what to do

There are plenty of fun ways to fundraise money for our charity, take a look at our fundraising tips and advice.

2. Set a date

To get the most bums on seats, plan your event when you know people have a free slot in their diaries. If it clashes with any other big annual events then it might be a good idea to move it around.

3. Find a venue

You could hold your event at home, your local pub, art house cinema, or a restaurant – do you know a local business that would be happy to help you out?

4. Give out a clear message

Make sure people know why Ovarian Cancer Action is so important to you and what we do.

5. Obtain a license

To collect money in a public place you need a license from your local council, or if you live in London – from the Metropolitan Police. Check to make sure your event is safe and legal.

6. Set a fundraising target

Decide how much money you want to raise and let everyone know.

We can provide you with Ovarian Cancer Action branded boxes or tin to collect funds at your event.  If you are planning a large event we also have buckets available.

When you have finished your collection, please return all tins or buckets to us as they can be used by other supporters, which helps to save us money.

7. Ask your employer about matched giving

Let your employer know about the fantastic event that you’re planning and they may be generous enough to offer matched giving, for every pound you raise – they might donate a pound too.

8. Set a budget

Try to keep your costs as low as possible, do you know anyone that might be willing to help you out for free?

9. Use our fundraising materials

We can send you t-shirts, collection tins, pin badges, balloons, posters and leaflets to help get your show on the road. You might also like to download our fundraising pack for more ideas.

10. Advertise

Send out invites and emails, put up posters, post on Facebook and Twitter – let everyone know about your fantastic activity

11. Collect money

There are three different ways that you could give us the money that you’ve raised:

  • Create a page on BT my donate. We encourage our supporters to use My Donate because of their low administration costs, meaning more of your money goes towards our research. However, we also accept donations through Just GivingVirgin Money Giving  and any other online fundraising system. 
  • Download a sponsorship form and pay in using credit or debit card. To submit your money via credit or debit card call us on 0207 380 1730 or visit
  • Cheque. You can post your cheque and sponsorship form to, Ovarian cancer Action, 8-12 Camden High Street, London NW1 0JH. Please include your name and a description of your event, so that we know who you are.

12. Say thank you!

Saying thank you not only shows the people who helped you raise your funds how much you appreciate their efforts, it means they might help you out with your next fundraising effort too!