How your money helps us

We rely on your donations to fund the world-class scientific research carried out at our Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre.

We want to make ovarian cancer treatment more effective and reduce the number of women who die from the disease.

We only fund research that can be translated into meaningful outcomes for real women in real life.

Our Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre drives new and more targeted treatment from preclinical studies, to clinical trials and into gynaceological clinicsacross the UK.

  • £7 could buy the nutrients we need to grow the cancer cells we need for our research
  • £25 could support a scientist to use a powerful microscope to compare what a cancer cell looks like before and after chemotherapy – helping us to explore how to make chemotherapy treatment more effective
  • £50 could buy a chemical that stops cancer cells growing – helping us to create new drugs to prevent women dying from ovarian cancer
  • £100 could support scientists to study what causes cancer cells to die – helping us identify potential treatments for the future
  • £1,000 could examine a patient’s DNA – enabling us to identify genetic mutations associated with ovarian cancer and understand why ovarian cancer happens

Thank you.