Other ways to donate

We accept alternative gifts too. We rely entirely on your donations to fund the world-class scientific research carried out at our Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre.

Whether you hold a large number of shares, or a small number that are uneconomic to sell, you can donate them and raise money for Ovarian Cancer Action.

  • High value shares - There are generous tax incentives for individuals and companies that donate shares to charity, including income tax (or corporation tax) relief on the value of most shares and securities donated and excemption from capital gains tax. For more information please refer to the HMRC advice
  • Low value shares - Many people own tiny share holdings that are uneconomic to sell. The charity ShareGift will collect these shares, and donate the proceeds of the sale to Ovarian Cancer Action

To donate your shares simply complete an online donation coupon and remember to mention that you are a supporter of Ovarian Cancer Action.

If you have questions on donating shares to Ovarian Cancer Action, please call us on 0207 380 1730 or email fundraising@ovarian.org.uk. 

We have partnered with Giveacar so that you can donate any unwanted car, free of charge.   

Proceeds from any sale are donated to us and even cars that may be scrapped still raise an average of £100.


Recycling is a quick and easy way to support us without spending a penny.

We can recycle mobile phones, CDs, DVDs and jewellery.

Get in contact about how we can work with you to provide collection boxes and produce posters and leaflets.

  • Call our corporate team on 0207 380 1742 or email Emily@ovarian.org.uk and arrange to recycle to help fight ovarian cancer