Make us your charity of the year

You may work in a company or an organisation that nominates a 'Charity of the Year'. When organisations choose to partner with us our funds significantly increase enabling us to invest in much more life-saving research and awareness work.

Follow Kristen's lead!

Kristen (right) asked her workplace to partner with Ovarian Cancer Action and they agreed. Her workplace has so far raised more than £30,000 for our life-saving research via running events, a corporate donation, office fundraising and festive activities. Thank you Kristen!

What is a Charity of the Year?

This is a charity that your company will choose to work with for a year in order to raise money for its cause.

Your company may want to partner with a charity in order to:

  • Give its employees the opportunity to be involved in something extra curricular
  • Contribute to the local community
  • Raise money for a specific cause

If you're not sure whether your workplace elects a Charity of the Year, you could ask your head of HR or your manager.

Why would my workplace choose Ovarian Cancer Action?

If your workplace chooses to make us its charity partner, the money raised will go towards life-saving research at our Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre.

As your Charity of the Year we can work with you to create a bespoke, innovative calendar of events and volunteering opportunities to involve your employees, clients and suppliers.

Your organisation will benefit from:

  • Free ovarian cancer awareness presentations
  • Increased PR
  • Team building opportunities
  • Increased income from product sales
  • A boost to employee morale in supporting the fight against ovarian cancer

How do I get my workplace to choose Ovarian Cancer Action?

You may be able to elect Ovarian Cancer Action as your workplace's potential charity of the year. The process of choosing a charity usually happens in August or September, so now is a good time to put us forward.

Usually what will happen is:

  • An employee nominates a charity that means something to them, you may need to write a few words about why Ovarian Cancer Action is important to you 
  • A group within the organisation chooses one charity to partner with from a selection of nominations or employees in the organisation vote for their favourite
  • Fingers crossed, Ovarian Cancer Action is chosen!

If you are interested in choosing Ovarian Cancer Action as your Charity of the Year, please contact to help you with your nomination.