Give at a funeral service

Making a donation in memory to our Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre to fight ovarian cancer can help to remember someone special in a positive and lasting way. 

  • £7 could buy the nutrients we need to grow the cancer cells we need for our research
  • £25 could support a scientist to use a powerful microscope to compare what a cancer cell looks like before and after chemotherapy – helping us to explore how to make chemotherapy treatment more effective
  • £50 could buy a chemical that stops cancer cells growing – helping us to create new drugs to prevent women dying from ovarian cancer
  • £100 could support scientists to study what causes cancer cells to die – helping us identify potential treatments for the future
  • £1,000 could examine a patient’s DNA – enabling us to identify genetic mutations associated with ovarian cancer and understand why ovarian cancer happens

Giving at a funeral service

Some people choose to ask for donations at funerals or memorial services, sometimes instead of flowers.

If you would like to ask people to give donations, we can help you or we could liase directly with your funeral director.

Order our funeral giving envelopes by emailing or call 020 7380 1730.

Thank you.